Successful Communities provides individual support to vulnerable and emerging culturally diverse communities and its members.

Successful Communities will assist groups to thrive, grow, and plan for their futures – with both strong leadership and engaged volunteers.
This is accessed through individual support, training, mentoring, membership and the online resources in the Toolbox.
We work with communities to understand and identify what their goals are and provide the pathways to reach them through access to training, mentoring and support that will nurture the community and its leaders via:
Strong Leadership

A good leader builds respect, listens and responds to community, knows how to work hard alongside their team but also to delegate and mentor committee members. A community benefits most from a team of leaders prepared to share their skills and work together responding to the needs of their communities.

Connections and Membership

Community organisations need  to build trust and respond to community needs to strengthen community connection. This trust will encourage  and grow your active membership.

Planning and Strategy

it’s important for any organistion to know what it values and what it would like to achieve looking  into the future. Every organization is different but they all need a plan to get where they want to go.

Access and Opportunities

Stronger, well managed community groups are ready to harness opportunities as they arise, whether they are new partnerships, performance opportunities, shared projects, event participation  or grant funding.

Advocacy and Promotion

A strong organistion that is well connected to both its own community and broader networks is well placed to raise issues of community concern. They can promote achievements, and celebrations while highlighting the unique circumstance of their community.

Participation in Community Life

Community members are more engaged with the wider community if they are connected to a community organisation. They have opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities that promote social connection, develop skills through volunteering and  broad social networks.

About Multicultural Communities Council of SA (MCCSA)

MCCSA encourages and advocates for the full participation of South Australia’s Multicultural Communities within all aspects of their lives including social, economic, political and cultural. MCCSA has been instrumental in conceptualising and delivering nationally recognised programs in a broad range of areas including support for our aged populations, women, carers, youth and children targeting new arrivals, refugees and migrants in South Australia

MCCSA also offers free hall and meeting room and office space to our member communities in the CBD and also operates from a northern base in Salisbury

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