Dispute & Conflict

  • Internal Conflict & Resolution

    All not-for-profit community organisations have to deal with conflict sometimes. Healthy debate is good for your organisation, but if conflict and disputes are preventing your organisation from achieving its goals, you need to know how to handle it effectively and legally.

    Staff & Volunteer Grievance Procedure

    Board Dispute Resolution Policy Template

    Board & Grievance Procedure Template

  • Mediation

    Mediation is a process used to help people resolve disputes without going to court. Trained mediators help to identify the core issues and develop options that lead to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

    The mediation process starts with a confidential consultation with the Mediation Worker and can lead to a mediation session which may be conducted over the telephone, using shuttle techniques or a face to face mediation session.The mediators do not give advice or make decisions but encourage people to discuss their concerns openly to reach an agreement. Mediation SA Offers Conflict Resolution Services in SA.

    Mediations SA