Event Management

  • VIP Protocols

    It is important to invite influential people to your event that you wish to showcase the beauty of your culture and community.

    Please be prepared and allow 6-8 weeks for invites to be sent to them before the event. These people could include the Governer, Ministers, local Mayors and Councillors and Important people at Peak Bodies, Service Organisations and other community groups.

    Vice Regal Engagements protocol and information

    VIP Invite Example

  • Event Management Plan

    An event is an activity that is well planned and well managed, it follows a theme or idea, and is engaging and fun. An event should be interactive and inclusive and delivered on time and on budget. Make sure you include event details, timeline of tasks to be done, who will be doing the tasks, the budget, invitation list and site map.

    The event plan must include details of: why the event is being undertaken, what are the objectives, who is to be involved, when will the event start and finish, where will the event be carried out and how it will be carried out.

    Event Management Plan Example

    Example Event Management Plan Template

  • Festivals & Celebrations
  • Event Management Templates
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Performers and Entertainment

    Performers and Entertainment should be of good Quality, Reliable, Relevant and Appropriate. You need to check with the performer what their set up and requirements are and organise cost and payment before and/or on the day.

    Example Email to Performers before the event

  • Event Guides & Resources
  • Checklist for activities
  • Sponsorship or Funding Events

    Seeking sponsorship takes time and can sometimes have a low success rate. Make sure the people you approach you have a relationship with already, that you seek funding well in advance of the event, let the sponsors know the benefits to them and are aligned with your organisations values.

  • Legal Issues

     There are many legal considerations when holding events. The fact sheet included has some particular considerations for different kinds of events including information about: permits, marketing and promotions, insurance, sponsorship and more.

    Legal issues to consider when holding events in SA

  • SafeWork SA - Event Safety

    If you are planning, setting up or conducting a public or community event, either as an event organiser or on-site operator, you have legal obligations to ensure the safety of anyone working there as well as everyone attending.

    Read more at SafeWork SA

  • Work Health and Safety Act Regulations